Integrity is one of my core values and so I wanted to share some thoughts on the subject with you.


It is easy to look at others and to make our own judgement as to whether we believe them to have integrity….. or not.

Integrity cogs

But how often do we stop to look at ourselves and ask the question…



Am I living in integrity?



Am I living true to the values that matter most to me?



Often, people have a narrow perception of what integrity even means and therefore are not fully conscious to the areas where they may be living with a lack of integrity, or indeed how this fact may be undermining their peace of mind or their sense of self-worth.



It is easy to live under the illusion that because in the outer areas of our lives we are good, honest, hardworking people, that we have integrity. We may be completely unaware of the lack of integrity in the inner areas of our lives – that is not just about what we are DOING in the world, but who we are BEING.



Thus, at its deepest level, integrity is about unity between what your heart calls you to do and what you are doing and who your heart calls you to be and who you are being. When you are living fully in integrity, you can experience harmony at every level:



body, mind and spirit.



The thing is, most of us are so busy with the ‘busy-ness’ of living that we aren’t tuned in to the wisdom that speaks through us (our intuition) to be able to live with integrity at its deepest level.



And then we wonder why something just doesn’t feel quite right on the inside. We know in our ‘gut’ that something is not right… but we are too scared to examine what that might be.



FEAR has taken over our lives to such an extent that we have forgotten what it was like (if we ever knew) to live without it.


Only by building your life on a solid foundation of integrity can you live the fulfilling and fabulous life to which you aspire.  Why?  Because without integrity, nothing else works.



If you want to live a bigger, more rewarding life, then you must have a rock-solid foundation on which to build it.



Also, be aware that the higher you climb, the harder the wind blows, so if there are any crack in your foundation – any areas where your integrity is compromised – then the cracks will begin to give way under the pressure of mounting expectations, responsibility, power, and status.  And if the foundation crumbles, the consequences can be devastating.



Integrity takes courage because the path is often not the easiest nor the most convenient one to travel.  We all experience occasions when it is much easier to just go with the flow, take the ‘politically correct’ and socially acceptable route, and step away from our principles or the voice of our conscience. Unless you are committed to a personal foundation of integrity, you will find it difficult if not impossible to remain true to your deepest values and core principles and as a result unable to honour the unique potential that you have within you.



When you are committed to living with integrity, you are compelled to take the actions that you know are right for you, however serious the doubt, significant the risk or daunting the challenge.  You simply cannot help but choose to follow the path that stirs your heart, however high the price or scary the prospect because the price you would pay for NOT doing so is much higher.



Are you living your life in integrity?

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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