Did you know that we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day?



That’s a LOT of thoughts.  And then, of course, every day, hundreds of different things happen – to us and all around us.



Between our work life, our personal lives, and what is going on in the world generally, there are a multitude of things demanding our attention and pulling us in different directions.


No wonder we all feel stressed out! 
We are all feeling the pressure of life and many of us trying desperately to achieve work/life balance – to be happy, and to live in a way that fulfils us.



How good would it feel to be able to move from one thing to the next without feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed?   I have found that managing my energy has a lot to do with staying connected to myself.   Finding that place inside of me that is centred and calm is essential so I can navigate what’s coming my way.



When we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by the countless things that come our way – especially with today’s technology – our whole system becomes overloaded.  We can lose clarity, our decision-making can be clouded, our emotions can overwhelm us, and we can start to feel like we are caught in a tornado.  Learning to back away from any environment that puts you in a tailspin is imperative.



When I worked my corporate job, I used to keep going, no matter what.  Even if I felt overwhelmed, depleted, or pressured, I would just keep going.  I thought that if I completed one more task, ticked one more thing off my list, made one more call, I would feel better.   In my last blog, I shared with you the true story about my doctor prescribing a holiday!   That’s how committed I was to getting it all done.  But these days, I realise that pressing the PAUSE button at moments of stress is much more useful.



But how to do that?  How do you press the pause button when you are frantically trying to get everything done?



Well first – let me tell you that everything will still be waiting for you when you have taken 15 minutes for yourself.  So don’t worry about that!



For some people, Meditation is the practice that best serves them. 
5-15 minutes of controlled breathing and quiet time is all they need.  It’s a powerful tool which leaves them feeling invigorated and inspired.



What works for me – is journaling.   When I make the time to write daily, to connect with my thoughts and my feelings, I quickly move out of overwhelm and into a space where I feel so much more positive, energized and focused.  The shift is dramatic.  There is no question for me that writing is an emotional, invigorating and healing experience.  It connects me back to myself. 


What is it that you do, that allows you to disconnect from the frantic nature of life – combining work and home and keeping all those balls in the air?  Is it going to the gym? Having a massage? Swimming? Taking a walk in nature? Listening to uplifting music? Having a chat with your girlfriend?  Reading a book? Dancing? Meditation? Gardening?



Apart from journaling, which I have introduced as a daily ritual, the other thing I used to do a lot of … and I’d really like to start doing it again – is dancing.  When I dance, I feel so free, so relaxed and yet so energized.  I am able to let go of all the stress, and all the fear and all the overwhelm.



There is no universal solution.  Any of the activities detailed above can bring you back to your joy and make you feel connected to you.  But what is key is that you identify your ‘anchor’ and then adopt a regular practice into your life.  If it is something you can do daily (like going to the gym, or taking a walk) that’s fantastic.  Start now!   But if your ‘anchor’ is a trip to the spa or something else that requires a bit more planning, – then I would suggest that you acknowledge the importance of this time and make it your mission to schedule more regular visits.



Adopting a regular practice can keep your mind from becoming sluggish, confused, frustrated, unclear, irritated, overwhelmed.  It returns you to a place of joy, clarity, and productivity.  Everything transforms in this space.



Think of something you do in your life today (or perhaps that you used to do) that allows you to ‘unplug’ from the day-to-day stresses and leaves you feeling energized and rejuvenated. What can you do to make sure you schedule this activity regularly no matter what life throws at you?



Make it a non-negotiable.  This time is essential to your wellbeing.  It will connect you to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Start now.
You won’t regret it 

xx Until next time, sending you love xx

Love Linda

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