Man, I love you!

It’s not often I utter those words and most certainly not on first meeting someone. 


But that is EXACTLY what happened…….

Linda's car

I was at the petrol station. It was around 7.30pm on a cold, wintry evening and I was on my way home after a long day at the office. My head was full.
I was physically & mentally exhausted.



There was no time in my life for anything BUT work.
No time for FUN, no time for FRIENDS, no time for ME.



My car was a mess and my home was not providing the kind of sanctuary that I needed after a long day at the office.



My mind was overflowing with thoughts and this was reflected in my physical environment.



And suddenly, there he was – like a gift from the Universe.
He pulled up right alongside my car and I noticed the writing on his white van.



“Too busy to clean your car?”
“Let me take care of it”
Mobile valeting service.



I finished refuelling and I rushed over to him.



I tapped on the window and we had a brief conversation. It went like this: –



Mobile valeting service?
Can you come to my office and clean my car while I work?
Sure – where do you work?



I told him.



Really – you can?
That’s what I do.
But it’s a bit of a mess inside…
Great – I’ll be glad to get that sorted for you.
Man – I love you! Do you have a card?


Next day, I made the call and just a few days later, he came to the office for what would be the start of a beautiful relationship (in a professional car/valeting kind of way of course!).



I would be at my desk or in a meeting – while he cleaned my car … and the cars of about 20 other employees! On the first Friday of every month!
What a luxury. It felt so good to come out of the office to a spotlessly clean car.



Now, ladies, I know that we have a tendency to do everything ourselves.
That is the only way to get it done properly after all. Right?






Trust me – when it comes to keeping your car clean and your home looking spotless, delegate!
Stay in your zone of genius… and leave these chores to someone else.



Take a look around. What does your environment say about you?



Assess your home, your car, your office.



Is it clean & tidy? Is it organised? Do you feel calm in the space?
Is this the home, car or workspace of a woman who has it all together?



If not, then I can highly recommend that you engage the services of a third party to take care of these tasks. Not because you can’t do them yourself. You can – I know you can.



But because you earned the right to feel good. To relax after a long day at the office. To feel good about you and about your surroundings. In my view – life is too short to spend it cleaning.



Why live in the ‘should’? I ‘should’ sort the car, I ‘should’ stay home Sunday and clean the house. No, you shouldn’t! You need to be out there living life and loving life. So, if there is anything getting in the way, sort it out. Make the call and take a break.



You earned it.

x Until next week, sending you love x

Love Linda

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