I must confess – last week’s blog was not easy for me to write.


And posting it, made me feel really uncomfortable.  I felt so vulnerable sharing such a personal experience. 



But you know – if I am committed to this chosen path as a coach (which I am) then I need you to know that I am committed with integrity.

Colourful camera

I will speak only in truth.  As your coach, I truly want to help you, to know you, and to be there for you.  And for me to be able to do that to my best ability – I need you to know that you can trust me.



So – despite my discomfort in the vulnerable share, I will do it again when the time feels right.



But today, something is different.   This has been a very difficult week for me, but earlier – just as I had finished writing in my journal, I felt something shift inside me.  I don’t know how to describe it other than that (a feeling of relief) but as I closed my book, I  made a decision.  I decided ‘enough already’ with the confidence issues and the fear based thoughts – it is time to step up and take my own advice.



It is time for me stand strong in my most important value, the value of COURAGE.



I have decided to claim back my power and break free from the fear that has been holding me back.  I have decided that I can grow into a new level of confidence outside of the corporate arena.



I’ve already made a list of some things that I have been procrastinating over since the start of the year – and I’m happy to say, have crossed a few items off already today, but by the time I write next week, I expect that list to be completely eradicated. 



Courage comes in many forms and as a solo traveller, I often hear people say to me – “you are so brave”.  But I guess what has come to light for me in recent months is that BEING YOURSELF and embracing who you truly are – that takes courage too.  In my case – a lot more courage than a solo trip to South East Asia.



You see, in a world that pressures for conformity, in a world that is so judgemental – one of the most imposing challenges we face, is the challenge to be ourselves – flaws and all.



Expressing ourselves authentically is a courageous act because it requires that we are brave enough to reveal who we truly are – our uniqueness,  individuality, our insecurities, our beauty, our cravings, our passions – and risk vulnerability.


No fear for me in solo travel


But if we don’t take the risk and step out from behind the masks that protects us from the world, then we run an even greater risk of spending our whole life trying to be someone we are not – while depriving others of what makes us most attractive to them – ourselves!



Only by becoming aware of the ways in which you currently ‘hide’ your truth from others and notice the things that are keeping you from being yourself, can you begin looking for the exit door to freedom and to become fully yourself in the world.



When you can be yourself, you have nothing to hide, and you feel comfortable sharing openly about yourself.  You don’t need to put energy into keeping things secret from others.  Nor do you feel a need to hide from others, any parts of yourself that you feel aren’t so attractive or that you struggle to improve.  You share your humanity, your struggles, and your challenges as openly as you share your successes because you are not concerned with impressing others; your only mission is being true to who you are and sharing who you are openly with those around you.



And let’s be honest – when you are yourself you are your most attractive.  The sense of ease you feel with yourself helps puts others around you at ease.   You can own your own beauty, your intelligence, and all the idiosyncrasies of your personality without needing to prove or deny any aspect of who you are.  Being comfortable in your own skin, you radiate positive energy, freedom, and love of life to those you encounter.  You share your natural beauty with the world, not because you are vain, but because your beauty is part of who you are, and it gives you joy to share it.

So, go right ahead – Be yourself
Find your courage and be the jewel in your own life
x I will see you on the other side x

Love Linda

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