The photo below is my favourite ever taken (of me).


Let me tell you WHY.


The photo was taken in 2007, approximately 6 months after leaving Scotland to live and work in New Zealand.   Interestingly, for many years beforehand, there are virtually no photos of me in existence.

I’m not saying they don’t exist – if I was attending a family event or perhaps on holiday, then someone may well have captured a snap… but for certain, they are few and far between – and I don’t have any of them at home.



And the reason for that?



It’s because I felt really uncomfortable in the way that I looked.  I was carrying too many extra pounds, hidden away beneath layers of black and I always felt FAT.  I looked at photos of me during those years and saw some woman who looked grey and overweight – but I didn’t see ME.  She was someone I didn’t recognise and she certainly didn’t reflect the person I felt I was on the inside.



So, when this photo was taken just 6 months after arriving in New Zealand, a number of things struck me: –

  • I look very happy
  • My eyes are sparkling
  • I see ME
  • There’s an almost childlike exuberance in the photo
  • How I LOOK has nothing to do with how I look and everything to do with how I FEEL.
    My weight in this photo was no different to what it had been when I left Scotland … and yet everything seems so different.
  • It finally struck me – I don’t have to be at my perfect weight to be happy. I can be happy NOW



That’s right… and you can too.



What I have learned about myself in the years since this was taken is that when I am truly happy (happy inside) – it really shows.  My eyes sparkle and shine just as they do in this photo.  But it took a random moment (captured on camera by a colleague in the office in NZ) for me to realise it.



And this is the photo that inspired the creation of the Diamond Life Project.  In truth, I named my Brand long before I had any idea what it would be…. I wanted to create a name that would encapsulate the essence of this photo.  I wanted to design a life that would enable me to feel this good (and sparkle) every single day.



And so, The Diamond Life project was born.

Linda Thomson Life Coach
Every day now, I am committed to creating my Diamond Life.



A life in which I SPARKLE every single day.



A life that gives me the freedom to do the things I love. Things that light me up and inspire my soul.   I love to travel the world, exploring new places, discovering new tastes, meeting amazing people, capturing great memories and immersing fully in the local cultures.



And so I choose to invest my time doing more of the things that bring me joy – coaching, connecting, travelling, photography, writing, dancing, laughing… and so much more.



My message for you today is this –  LIVE FOR TODAY.  Don’t postpone your life until you are 10 pounds, 20 pounds or even 50 pounds lighter.  Don’t isolate yourself from friends and family just because your home is not looking exactly how you want it to.  Make the most of who you are TODAY.  Do what you love and love what you do.  For when you do, your true essence will shine through – and that’s more attractive than any weight loss target.



Our overall state of happiness is essentially a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.  And when I felt – dowdy, fat and unattractive – that is what was captured in the photos (those previous years).



But when I feel alive, inspired and happy – it shows too.



Make time for you – take care of you and tune in every day.  Notice how you are feeling.  Is there something you can do right now to raise the level even just a little?  How about a little extra care in your morning routine?  Add some lipstick and some jewellery before you leave for work.



Is there something you love to do but don’t ever seem to make the time for now?  Is there something in your life that you are putting off… because you don’t feel so great about yourself?   Are you turning down invitations because you ‘haven’t got anything to wear’?



If you answered YES to this question, then I really urge you to STOP and take note.



Make a choice today to start living again.  Saying YES to life and doing what you love.  You will not regret it.  I can assure you of that.

Until next week, sending you love xx


Love Linda

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