At the beginning of this week, I received the sad news that a very dear friend in New Zealand had passed away before Christmas.



She was around 65, I’m not sure exactly – but until she became ill earlier this year, was still working full time.



She had plans. BIG plans. I know …. because we discussed them many times.

Linda Thomson in New York City

Either during one of our many Skype chats or when she came to London to spend time with family. Thankfully she even made a trip to Scotland and we were able to enjoy a little tiki tour, sharing our hopes and dreams and discussing our plans for the future. She was one of my biggest supporters when I left my Corporate life behind to embark on a new career as a Lifestyle, Leadership & Success Coach.



But she never got to live out her dreams.  For all the things she planned to do ‘when she retired’, she never made it.  So please, I implore you.  Those beautiful items that you have at home in a drawer, ‘keeping them good’ – wear them.  Feel beautiful every day.



For the list of things that you plan to do, and places you intend to visit ‘when you retire’ – do it NOW.



Review your list today and make arrangements to schedule at least one or two of those things THIS year. Why wait? Life is short. Enjoy the experience and create beautiful memories. Spend time with the people you love. Life is for LIVING.



In fact, whilst you are at it – why not make a NEW list!

Ocean with lady

Make a list of all that you desire to manifest in the next 12 months. Allow yourself to be creative and authentic. What is it YOU truly desire to have in your life this year?



Here are some of the desires from my list:


1. To have my own thriving coaching business with a consistent stream of clients from around the world

2. To be mortgage-free

3. To earn more doing what I love

4. To invest in a high-level coach and so continue my journey of personal growth

5. To learn to dance like a professional

6. Appoint a housekeeper to keep my home clutter free and sparkling

7. To be in the best shape of my life

8. Learn a new language

9. To become an accomplished photographer and have my photos published in a magazine

10. To have my full travel schedule planned from the start of the year and including 2-3 photography tours each year



Now it’s YOUR turn.



What is it that YOU truly desire to have in your life within the next 12 months. As you write, I urge you to stay out of the HOW. Enjoy the freedom of creativity. Dream big!



Next, I urge you to create a visual representation of those things. So, either using Pinterest, creating an ‘old school’ vision board or creating a ‘Desires’ photo album in your phone or mobile device – to which images can be saved, keep your list visible and take some time over the weekend to schedule at least one of those things. Preferably the one that is most likely to result in Personal Growth.



So, whether it’s a Caribbean cruise, signing up to the dance class or the language school, or clearing out the spare room to create a new space more suitable to your needs today, I say DO IT. And DO IT NOW. My friend’s passing is a very stark reminder that ‘life is short’ and if we are not living it fully, then we are dis-honouring our whole reason for being.



I’d LOVE to hear what activity you will commit to doing this year.

Sending you so much love

Love Linda

I would love to get to know you more, connect with me here.

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