Happy New Year!



The celebrations are over and we are all headed back to work.  I hope you enjoyed a wonderful break.



How are you feeling?  Are you excited to return, to reconnect with friends & colleagues, ready to face the challenges of each new day with energy and vigour?

2018 celebrating life

Or are you approaching your return to work with a sense of dread?  Another day, another year, another set of problems.  Same old, same old……



As you settle back in to work this week, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the year just gone and to consider how you would like to shape 2018.   Our ultimate objective is to live happy, fulfilling lives, and with that in mind, I invite you to take a look at the connection between your work and your values.   Hopefully, they are aligned.



Time spent at work forms such a large part of our life, it is important that we do not experience major dis-satisfaction here.  Life is best when our values and activities reflect each other. Otherwise, we are not ‘walking our talk’ at a core level.



Whether or not you are aware of them, your values already govern your life.  Becoming more aware of them will help you know what you want from your life – and what you don’t.  Decisions will become easier to make.   Once you have clarity around your values, you will become aware of the things that move or upset you the most.  Everything you love or hate relates to your values.



Values are at the heart of your judgement and your behaviour.  Becoming aware of your values will strengthen your trust in yourself and your confidence.



Knowing what your values are will:

  • Help you make decisions
  • Help you choose the right career/next opportunity
  • Help you become more aware of your identity


The better you understand what truly matters to you, the better you can make career and life decisions that result in happiness and fulfilment. Naturally, there will always be moments of tedious work, struggle, frustration, etc. That is unavoidable.  What IS avoidable is the feeling “Why am I doing this?”   I suggest you act immediately if this thought frequently enters your mind.

Ocean with lady
Celebrate Life



Consider this.  WHAT about 2017 DID work for you?  Try to find commonalities between your best moments. There could be an important insight waiting to be discovered.  Do the same for what you didn’t like.  Are there changes you could make to reduce these types of moments in 2018?



What do you need in order to operate every day at your best?



Do you require community or structure? Perhaps freedom and self-direction matter more. These preferences will influence the types of positions that you will be happy in and even perhaps, the way that you choose to structure your day and/or your week.



Also, be careful about what advice you take. If someone makes a work recommendation, try to determine if they are suggesting it because theythink you would like it or because they like it and assume that others will too.  How does the opportunity support you in living a life that is aligned with your core values?



Ultimately, you are the captain of your own ship. The more you live life, the more you understand that it is about creating what works for you. And when you understand this, you get to design the lifestyle that lights you up.



Your Life, Your Terms



I leave you to contemplate this as we move forward in the new year.

Wishing you all the very best in 2018

Sending you so much love.


Love Linda

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