Wow!  Can you believe it?


Christmas is already over and we have only 3 days left of 2017.


They say time moves much faster as you get older and I really must agree!

Family Christmas
This year has just flown by.



And as I sit here today – back to work after a wonderful Christmas day spent (mostly crying from laughter) with my family, I am really starting to think about and get more clear on how I want my 2018 to look.


  • What I want to achieve (from a business perspective)
  • What I want to change
  • Things I will start to do
  • Things I will stop doing
  • The books I want to read
  • The places I intend to travel to
  • What new things I’d like to learn



And the word I have chosen to inspire me through 2018, is COURAGE.
It’s not the first time I have chosen this word – but it served me very well last time around and I know that it will serve me positively again this year.



Here’s just a few thoughts on how I may seek strength from my word:


  • The courage to live in integrity and be authentically ME.
  • The courage to let go of all that no longer serves me.
  • The courage to get visible, to put myself ‘out there’ and share my skills with the world.
  • The courage to stand strong in my entrepreneurial journey as a Lifestyle & Success Coach.
  • The courage to stand on stage and speak in front of an audience.
  • The courage to trust in my intuition at all times.
  • The courage to grow – to adopt a plan that allows me to learn something new every day.


So that’s my chosen word for 2018 – COURAGE.   What’s yours?



Did you give it some thought after my newsletter last week?

Ocean with lady

But what is this ‘ONE WORD’ thing all about?



Well, for almost 25 years, I was committed to an annual list of NY Resolutions.  Every year (around this time), I would sit down with a pencil and paper and start to think about what I would change or implement in the coming year.  And … for many of the items on my list, I did exactly that.  You see, I’m not really one for being swept along by the ‘current’ of life.  I like to exercise some control in how my life shapes up.



But as I conducted my review way back in 2006, it struck me that there was an essential component missing from my life at that time –  FUN.



And so, for 2007, rather than a list of resolutions, I decided that I would welcome the FUN back into my life and I would say YES to all the opportunities in 2007 that would lead to FUN.



This would be my word for the year.



Things started to change immediately and by April of that year, I had relocated to New Zealand.



Since 2007, I have invested in a few more carefully chosen words and they have led me to the most INCREDIBLE opportunities.



SPARKLE:  led me to a new life in Shanghai



COURAGE:  led me to the decision to leave a job I loved and travel the world for a year



FREEDOM:  led me to terminate my corporate journey after nearly 30 years and to commence the process of design. To design my new FREEDOM based life as an entrepreneur.



So, you see, (in my experience at least), this process really works.



But the key is to get your word just right.



This word (once selected) will help influence and guide you in key decisions throughout the year.



The word itself may come to you instantly (as it has for me in the past) or it may demand some deeper inquiry over the coming days.  And that’s perfectly ok too.  Take as much time as you like.  But get it right!



What you will find is that (once you have your word), there will be no real need to make a list of resolutions because all the important choices you make will be influenced by your key word choice.



For example, if your word for 2018 is BALANCE then you shouldn’t have to think too hard about a new job/opportunity that would demand your time for 75 hours per week – right?  Or if you too choose COURAGE, then maybe this will be the year that you decide to make a career change.  After ‘wishing’ you could for many years, perhaps this will be the year that you decide … from a place of courage.



I’d love to hear what word you have chosen.  Message me on Facebook to let me know.

Sending you lots of love


Love Linda

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