This week I am writing from California, USA. Woohooo!


It’s amazing what sunshine and time spent with great friends can do for the soul.


I am feeling fantastic.  And I cannot think of a better way to end the year.


I’ve been here almost a week now and after a few days of relaxation and planning for my EPIC 2018, I have now been joined by another 150 incredible and inspiring women from around the world.

Linda Thomson with Gina DeVee

We are here at the rather fabulous Loews Hotel in Santa Monica to spend 4 days together with our amazing coach & mentor.



I mentioned in my newsletter last week that I was determined to finish 2017 on a high and to ‘clear the decks’ so to speak …… to make way for an EPIC year ahead.   Well, you will be pleased to know that I remain fully committed to that plan.  My list seems to be getting longer, not shorter – but that’s ok – I’m simply amazed at how much I have been able to achieve and how much clarity I’ve gained around my programme of activity for next year.



But before we get all carried away into 2018, let me share with you what has been going on for me this year in my Coaching Academy.



I joined this year-long Programme because it offered the following:

  • Developing Coaching Skills
  • Business Structure & Systems
  • Personal Development
  • Wealth Consciousness
  • Global community of ‘high vibe’ and successful women
  • International Travel/4 Global Live Events
    Maui-Hawaii, Mallorca, Paris & California

And it has delivered on all of those promises.



But the Programme has provided for me so much more in the realm of Personal Development than I could ever have anticipated.

Ocean with lady

Santa Monica Pier, California


Since my early 20’s, I have been committed to my own personal growth and invested in personal development in some form or other.  It never felt ‘ok’ for me to accept the path that appeared to be pre-determined by those closest to me.  To that end, I have always considered myself to be quite self-aware.  But what I have learned about myself this year has quite frankly blown my mind.



But the piece that has taken me most by surprise … is how much my whole sense of PERSONAL IDENTITY has been linked to my Corporate life.



For more than 25 years, my work has been WHO I AM.  Not simply – WHAT I DO.    And without the job, the fancy title or the responsibility – I was lost – I had no idea WHO I was at my core.



For years, I have lived behind the various masks and cloaks of different roles and executive titles.   All too often I would sacrifice my own needs and my own time to do what felt right for the Business or what I felt was expected of me. Without realising, I had stopped showing up in my own life.



So, when I decided to leave my Corporate life behind and design a new life, one with FREEDOM at its core, I had no idea that this concept of FREEDOM would extend to letting go of who I thought I was – or perhaps who I hadbecome and instead to accept and embrace who I really AM.  It hasn’t been an easy journey.



You see. I didn’t choose to lose myself in my career.   But what I have come to realise through my work with The Academy is that all my ‘significance’, my sense of purpose and personal identity has (to date) come from my job.    This is where I felt most valued.  I always felt needed.  I was the problem-solver, the ‘go to’ person each time a new challenge arose.  And for as long as I had that validation, as long as I felt needed, I could easily block out any thoughts as to what my own personal needs might be.



Although I was never consciously aware of it, what I was telling myself is that I need this job, this career, this level of success to be worthyto feel valued and to be heard.  I loved my work.  And so, I gave it my all.  And in the process, I lost ME.



But that is not true.  I don’t need all those things to feel valued. True happiness comes from within and I can’t pretend it’s been easy but I am choosing to heal the most important relationship of my life…the relationship I have with myself.



I’ve started the process now and I intend to continue into 2018 and beyond.  The long path towards fulfilment may not be easy, but the more we believe in ourselves – the more that we connect with our authentic selves, the more rewarding and fulfilling our lives will be.



I’m stepping way outside of my comfort zone as I continue this path but I know it will be worth it.  In fact (despite the pain and the discomfort) – it already is.

Until next week
x Sending you lots of love x


Love Linda

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