Last week, I shared with you the horrible truth that I had found myself in a bit of a ‘funk’.


I wasn’t ill, but for nearly a week, had been feeling kind of ‘bleugh’ – disconnected from all the good things in my life.


I allowed some negative thinking into my space and it completely took over.


And as you all know…we get what we focus on so I certainly attracted some negative energy during this short time.

Linda Thomson in New York City

But I’m well and truly over it – and with only a month to go…. have chosen to finish the year on an absolute high.  2018 is going to be EPIC!



And it all starts right now.



I’ve been brainstorming this week and made a list of all the things I intend to get done/complete before the year is over and it’s extensive!  Things to do at home, things to do in my Business, things to do to prepare for Christmas, things to do to prepare for California (more about that next week), things to do to prepare for a launch in the New Year.. and so it goes on.



Consequently, I’ve been a very productive little bee over the last week.   It’s funny too because, in my Corporate job, I was never without a LIST – I was obsessive about writing everything down.  But since I launched my own Business, my life and my time is much more ‘fluid’ and I have resisted the lists.  But I gotta tell you – I’ve achieved more in the last 7 days than I have in the last 2 months.



So, the LIST will be returning as a constant feature through 2018.
And let’s face it…. It’s always an excuse to buy a pretty notebook.



When I got myself into that funk, I disengaged.  Felt totally disconnected from all the good things in my life, and kind of lost sight (temporarily) of all the great things that I have achieved this year.  And what a year it has been.  Absolutely incredible.  I have grown so much as a person.  Invested significantly in ME and in my Business.   And managed to fit in some pretty awesome trips too including – Toronto, Hawaii, Dublin, Versailles, Mallorca, Paris, and soon California.



How could I lose sight of all that fabulousness?



But you know what….. I did.
And I know I’m not the only one.  We all do it.

Ocean with lady

Somehow this mist of ‘apathy’ comes over us and we simply go through the motions.  Thankfully I was very aware that the mist had come down so I managed to work my way through it and return to ME in about 3-4 days.   But for others, I know that the feeling can ‘set in’ over a much more lengthy period and become the ‘new normal’.



If you notice this sense of ‘apathy’ has come over you too and you are simply going through the motions, sleepwalking through life, then please – do something now to break free.  If you have found your way to me and my newsletter then I know you to be worthy of so much more.  You are pretty special and you deserve to live your life in a way that reflects your greatness.   So shake it off, figure out what you must do to finish 2017 on a high and get ready for an EPIC year ahead.



Here’s a slightly shortened version of my list from last week.  See if you can find something here to help shake off that feeling.



Write down your feelings.  Acknowledge the negative emotion.
Whatever the feeling, it is completely worth the time and energy to spend a little longer defining it more specifically. Do not be afraid to identify whatever it is that you are angry, sad, scared, or frustrated about. These feelings are valid and need to be acknowledged before they can then be released.



Often simply becoming aware of what we’re feeling helps prevent us from being consumed by them.



Read a book or watch a movie 
Both have the power to transport us, to provide a perspective far removed from our own, and in doing so, unlock emotions we want to feel: joy, hope, warmth—even sadness.



Get moving 
When I’m in a funk, I resist for a while but must admit that my mood improves when I go for a walk.   I’m not a great walker either … but if I take my camera… then it’s different.  Because I’m focused on the beauty of what’s around me and the shots I want to capture…. and not on the ‘chore’ of walking.



Who we are and how we experience ourselves often has more to do with who surrounds us than anything else. When feeling low, one of the fastest ways to pick yourself up is to connect with the people you know who inspire and energise you.  So, call that friend and re-connect.  Or call me.  I’d love to hear from you!



Get off the hamster wheel NOW and just spend a few minutes day-dreaming.  Imagine yourself in your perfect life.  Close your eyes and picture it.   How does it look?  What excites you about it?
Imagine how good you will feel when this dream life is your reality.
Positive emotions like excitement help bring us back into a place of high vibration.



Change the soundtrack to your life
Music is also a great way to change our energy and get back into a space of high vibration.   You know that song that comes on the radio when you are driving home from work and you just can’t help but move or sing along.  Find it now on iTunes or Spotify and download it to your phone.  And while you are at it, why not create a playlist of similar/high energy music.  Create a soundtrack to the life you love.   Play it and notice how quickly your energy shifts and consequently your mood improves.

Until next week
x Sending you lots of love x


Love Linda

I would love to get to know you more, connect with me here.

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