Do you believe in the magic of dreams?


We can only achieve what we dare to dream.


No matter how difficult your situation seems right now, or how restrictive your circumstances, you must not let your current predicament limit your desire for something much bigger and better.


We all have the ability within us to achieve anything we set our hearts on.

Dare to Dream

Each time you are successful and achieve something, it’s because you have directed your thoughts and emotions towards what you wanted in that moment. The power of your desire inspired you to take all the necessary actions to get the object of your desire.



You focussed your energy on one specific goal and made it happen.



If you look at anyone who has achieved great success in some area of their life, you will see that a key underlying reason for their success was an unshakeable belief in their idea and in their ability to succeed. However, their path has most likely not always have been smooth sailing. They could easily have been defeated along the way by listening to others who may not have believed as strongly in their ideas or abilities. Yet they chose to see those things that were positive in each situation and continued to pursue their vision until they succeeded.



You GET what you FOCUS on



Believing you can have something better is taking control through your thoughts and making it a reality. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. And it is only by letting go of all of the excuses for why you cannot have what you want, that you stop looking to others to make your choices for you.



Take responsibility for your own actions and notice how your thoughts might be holding you back.



Getting stuck where you are, is to forget that having the desire for something better and being pro-active in pursuing it, (rather than continually bemoaning your current situation) is how you get what you want. Thinking only about what IS, keeps you firmly rooted in your day to day reality and leaves no possibilities for transformation and change.

Live Your Dream

The best thing you can do to further your achievements is to acknowledge and feel good about each one, no matter how small they may seem at the time. The more you are able to see the power of your thoughts in action, the more you can build self-confidence in your abilities. It is by truly believing that you CAN make things happen that you derive the motivation to go for it. If you are defeated before you begin, you will remain defeated.



Your cumulative experience of life – as well as new opportunities that present themselves daily, form the basis of your dreams. Hence, they are ever changing. When you were little you may have dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer of a pop star, you based those dreams on your limited experiences of the world. As you develop your innate abilities and experience more of life, however, you may indeed go on to become a ballet dancer or a pop star, or you may go on to explore your own unique talents and make the most of them.



You can continue to learn and accomplish new things for as long as you have the desire.



Don’t ever stop dreaming
And don’t ever stop achieving

xxx Sending you so much love xxx


Love Linda

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