Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting inside a cage.


There is an open door in the right hand corner through which you could make your exit.


However, you are unable to leave the cage because you aren’t even aware that you are in it.


All you know is that you cannot move beyond a certain space, but you aren’t sure why.

Lady breaking chains free

You feel stuck, and you accept the experience of life that you have NOW as the only one available to you.



The cage isn’t real – it exists only in your own mind



The walls of this cage represent the forces that have been preventing you from experiencing yourself fully up until now. And only by becoming aware of these various forces can you begin searching for the exit door to freedom and step forth into your True Self.



But in a world that demands conformity, one of the most difficult challenges you will face as a woman is in being your unique self. Expressing yourself authentically is a courageous act because it requires you be brave enough to reveal who you truly are – your individuality, your insecurities, your beauty, your cravings, your passions – and risk vulnerability. However, if you don’t take the risk to step out from behind the mask that protects you, you run an even greater risk of spending your whole life trying to be someone you are not – while depriving others of what makes your most attractive to them – yourself!


Ocean with lady


When you can be yourself, you have nothing to hide, and you feel comfortable sharing openly about yourself.  You don’t need to put energy into keeping things secret from others.  Nor do you feel a need to hide from others the aspects of yourself that you feel aren’t so attractive or that you struggle to improve.  You share your humanity, your struggles, and your challenges as openly as you share your successes because you are not concerned with impressing others; your only mission is being true to who you are and sharing who you are open with those around you.



When you can be yourself, you don’t have to pretend in any way to be someone (or something) different.  You wear no mask and don’t engage in superficiality.  You are genuine and sincere and given that you wear your ‘original face’ – you cannot be two faced.



And most important of all – when you are yourself you are your most attractive.  The sense of ease you feel with yourself helps puts others around you at ease.   You can own your own beauty, your intelligence, and all the idiosyncrasies of your personality without needing to prove or deny any aspect of who you are.  Being comfortable in your own skin, you radiate freedom, positive energy, and love of life to those you encounter.  You share your natural beauty with the world, not because you are vain, but because your beauty is part of who you are, and it gives you the joy to share it.



So, my top tip for this week is BE YOURSELF.
You are unique – own it!

xxx Sending you so much love xxx


Love Linda

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