How are you?  Did you do your homework last week?  Did you switch off all technology and enjoy a quiet evening at home?   How did it feel?  A little bit weird I bet.


But did you enjoy it?


I recommend that you aim to have a tech-free evening at least once every week.  No TV, no phone, computers or iPads.  How difficult could that possibly be?


Take some time for YOU.  Enjoy the space to just relax, have a soak in the bath, read a book, or even listen to a guided meditation.  Whatever you enjoy and that allows you to be in alignment with your core, to reconnect to the truth of who you really are – Do That!

Linda Thomson in New York City

In last week’s message, I wrote about the difference between ‘Self-Love’ and ‘Self-Indulgence’.  I readily acknowledged that there was a time, not so long ago, when I thought that if I bought myself a new luxury pen, jewellery or an expensive handbag, I was treating myself – giving myself love.  If I said yes to that piece of chocolate cake, or ordered my favourite takeaway, it was a gift to myself – an act of kindness.  But the truth is, these activities are NOT acts of kindness, but rather a form of self-abuse.  They certainly don’t lead to a sense of long-term fulfilment or happiness. They leave us feeling empty and miserable. 


When we don’t know how to nurture and really take care of ourselves, we can start to feel neglected, abandoned and unloved.  We try to fill this void – this black hole at our core – by numbing the pain and sourcing comfort outside of ourselves (for me its caffeine, sugar and junk foods) or ignoring the pain with extra hours at the office, mindless internet surfing and junk TV.  It doesn’t work.  The only way to properly heal the void is to start taking care of you and to reconnect to the truth of your heart.


So, I say – Let’s do it.  Let’s start taking better care of ourselves.


Let’s start to pay more attention to our feelings and how we react in the moment.   Let’s be more conscious, more honest.  Ask ourselves the question –  in choosing to have this piece of cake, this last drink, another hour of Netflix – is it from a place of LOVE, a place of FEAR or a place of NEGLECT?


Let’s stop acting out of fear and neglect and step into LOVE.

Ocean with lady

Here are a few very simple things that we can do over the coming weeks to start taking better care of ourselves:    


  • A tech-free evening at least once per week
  • Buy ourselves some beautiful flowers
  • Light some candles, notice the fragrance
  • Phone a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Have a relaxing bath
  • Plan your meals, make more healthy choices
  • Book a manicure or a massage


Do NOT self-abandon.  It’s time to start taking care of you.   And for me to start taking care of ME.   I have a LOT of work to do in this area – and a lot of beliefs to undo.


If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them too.  I’m ready and willing to try pretty much anything.

Let’s do this ladies because we are soooo worth it xx

Love Linda


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