Yesterday I returned from the magical city of Paris where I spent the most incredible 5 days working with my coach & mentor – to expand my own personal growth & development and further develop my coaching skills so that I may support you to achieve all that you desire.  It was just incredible – and so insightful. 


I have always been of the opinion that I’m very ‘self-aware’.  I’ve read Personal Development books and participated in a variety of programmes since my early 20’s so I think I know myself pretty well.   Well let me tell you, I’m having to revisit that belief!


I experienced so many insights and breakthroughs this week, that I am literally blown away.

Linda Thomson in blue dress on the beach in total freedom


One of those insights I want to share with you now – because it has shocked me to the core and if it encourages you to consider the same possibility for yourself and to take action – then I will be thrilled.


I’m TRAPPED beneath the glass ceiling.


I have worked in the Corporate arena for the best part of my life and I have grown through the ranks – from my first full-time job as ‘office junior’ at sixteen, to my most recent role as Global Operations Director.


I owned my seat in the Boardroom – there was no glass ceiling ever going to hold me back.

But this week – with the support and guidance of my incredible mentor, I learned that I AM trapped beneath a glass ceiling. It’s the glass ceiling that I have created inside of myself. I have been holding myself back from achieving my full potential and this is particularly evident in the area outside of my corporate comfort zone – it’s in putting ME first and being the face of my own Business.


Now, I admit that since leaving my Corporate role and starting out – creating my own Business, I have indeed struggled with my identity. Work was more to me than just a job. It was my whole life and so my personal identity has been tied to that career.


But I knew that the time was right for me to leave and to pursue a more meaningful path. I could FEEL that something was missing. My experience in Shanghai (Paris of the East) opened my eyes and my heart to a life where I felt ALIVE, INSPIRED and INVIGORATED every single day. So, although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do – I knew how I wanted to FEEL. And my Corporate career was not offering that anymore.


The moment that I found Coaching – I knew that this was my destiny.


So why the glass ceiling? For someone who has always defiantly rejected the notion in her corporate role, why would I impose such a limitation on achieving all that I am capable of as an entrepreneur?


Well, the answer to that is something that I will continue to work through in the coming days but what I know right now is this. Awareness is the first step to transformation. And with this incredible (and very surprising) insight, I am ready to shatter that glass ceiling and step forward to claim every aspect of my new life and live every day on purpose.


And how about you? Is there any area of your life that you may have imposed an unconscious upper limit? Are you living the life you truly desire? Do you wake up every day feeling inspired, invigorated and full of joy?


If not, and if you are a woman in your 40s/50s who has been working in corporate for 20 years or so and finds herself at a cross-roads, wondering what the next 20 years hold for you – then I would love to help you gain clarity so that you may take control and Design your future. 


with love

Love Linda

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