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I’m Linda I am a Transformational Life Coach and the founder of The Diamond Life Project.

I LOVE life – more specifically, I love the adventure of life. Whether I am trying to navigate back home after missing my exit on the motorway (which happens frequently), exploring a new city, sampling some international cuisine, meeting new friends, or learning a few words of a foreign language – I notice and appreciate the ADVENTURE in ALL of it.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Prior to starting my Coaching business, I spent more than 25 years dedicated to a career in corporate. My job really mattered to me.  Probably more than anything else.   It’s where I felt most valued.   Most in control.

But things really started to change when I reached my forties. Turning 40 brought with it a sense of freedom that I hadn’t experienced before. I felt less obligated by the ‘expectations’ of those around me. I no longer felt the need to ‘prove’ myself to others. I could just be me.  And be cool with that! But I also found myself at cross-roads, wondering ‘what next’?    What to do with this new sense of freedom? I decided it was time for change.  I wasn’t sure how that change might look, but I just knew that something had to give.   On the outside my life looked great – but on the inside, I couldn’t shake off the sense that something was missing. My life was lacking fulfilment.  It was lacking fun. And so, I made a decision.  I would embrace the ‘adventure’ of life and say YES more frequently.

No to FEAR and YES to life

And with that single change in mindset, I started to see things quite differently.  I saw opportunities where I may not have noticed them before.  I was more open to the adventurous and daring. A few short months after I made the decision to say YES to life and having already enjoyed a number of unexpected adventures, I had accepted a new role and relocated to New Zealand – only the very opposite side of the world! 12 months later, the journey continued as I headed to Shanghai to take up another new position within the Group. I feel certain that at any other point in my career, I would have turned down the opportunity to relocate to Shanghai but turning 40 had given me a new confidence, and so it was a risk that I was prepared to take …. And ultimately, the single/best decision I ever made in my life. For it was here, in Shanghai that I fell in love


And the adventure continues. These days, I choose to invest my time doing more of the things that I love. And more of the things that push me outside of my comfort zone. Because now I know that right there … (outside of your comfort zone) is where the magic truly happens.

 I call this venture The Diamond Life Project – because my primary goal is to create a life that I LOVE.

A life in which I SPARKLE every single day.

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My MISSION is to help you reconnect with your TRUTH.

I will help you reconnect to YOU and all that you love. To find your courage and release your fears. To embrace change and start living your BEST, most rewarding & fulfilling life.

I help corporate and professional women globally, to acknowledge their greatness and face their fears.

Finding the courage to embrace change and create a life that is truly rewarding and fulfilling.

I am free

Do you ever ask yourself “Is this it?”, or think “There must be more to life”…. Are you PASSIONATE about what you do every day? Are you doing what lights you up?

Perhaps you feel trapped in the Corporate world, desperate to start over doing something that you LOVE but need to escape the stifling grip that FEAR has over you?

Perhaps you are facing redundancy and overwhelmed at the prospect of starting over.

You dream of a life with greater freedom and flexibility.


Mont Blanc, Chamonix. Taken by Linda Thomson

A life lived on YOUR terms.

You desperately want to take that first step towards your DREAM LIFE but not quite sure where to start?

I know you. I get you. I WAS that woman once too.

And so I know that you deserve so much more than your current unfulfilled state. You deserve to earn a living doing what you LOVE. You deserve to have fun. You deserve to have all that your heart desires. You deserve the Best.

You deserve to SHINE


“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure,

to embrace the new.

But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.

There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power”

~ Alan Cohen

If you are at a cross-roads in life or simply feeling ‘lost’; if you are ready to reconnect with your true self, regain control, say YES to all that inspires you and NO to all that depletes you; if you are ready to stop drifting, to take control of your life and shape your future, then the Diamond Life Project is designed with you in mind. I will stand strong beside you, encouraging, guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

What YOU must do is find the COURAGE to take the leap.

Let’s get clear on your desires.

Let’s work through any limiting beliefs or self-doubt.

Let’s create YOUR Diamond Life. You will never look back!

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